Pediatric surgery classes

Welcome to the Paediatric Surgery Department rotation at dr A. Jurasz University Hospital No.1 in Bydgoszcz. For many of you, this rotation will be your first exposure to the surgical care of children. By the end of your stay, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the common surgical problems in the paediatric age group.

During the course in Paediatric Surgery Department you will participate in multimedially conducted seminars which give you broad view on many topics in Paediatric Surgery as well as you will work closely with the resident to ensure effective clinical understanding of surgical problems in newborn, infants and other paediatric age groups.

Our teaching assistants

Irena Daniluk-Matras, MD, Phd

Przemysław Galazka, MD, PhD

Krzysztof Dymek, MD

Some information for students