1. You should keep your clothes and bags at the lodgment.
  2. Only one person could visit our patient at the same moment.
  3. Visits could take place in front of the Department in special situations after physician and nurse acceptance.
  4. Only one person could spend time with patient from 8am to 10pm. Well-behaviour is required.
  5. Please do not bring children under the age of 12 to the hospital to visit siblings or friends. Anyone who is feeling sick or has been exposed to contagious diseases should also not visit the hospital.
  6. Parents have to keep tidieness of their kids room.
  7. Food should be kept in fridge at main hall.
  8. Parents could have hot drinks only at the kitchen of Department..
  9. No smoking and no alcohol at the Department.
  10. During doctor’s round, parents are obliged to leave their kids room.