What our Staff does ?

Department of General and Oncological Pediatric Sugery has 40 pediatric beds for 0-18 years-old kids. We have at our disposal 2 operating rooms and recovery room. We have been treating for about 1500 kids (including over 100 newborns) and also preform over 1200-1300 operative procedures every year. This numbers are growing steadily.

Our Deparment also includes:

– Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with Newborn Surgery Subdivision

– Outpatient Care Unit

– Pediatric Gastrointestinal Manometry Lab


Our scientific surveys main direction is evaluation of minimaly invasive surgery in newborn congenital disorders and oncological diseases, using of propronolol in treatment of angiomas, follow-ups of neural crest defects and congenital hydrocephalus.